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Hello. My name is Michael Patrick Haluska and I own a successful and very well-regarded wallpaper removal business called Totally Off the Wall !! with offices in Sarasota, FL and Herndon, VA. While I am quite often praised for how creatively evocative the business name is, I am nearly as often kidded by my dear friends who say that it is indeed an apt description for my warm-but-eccentric personality.

Therefore, it came as little surprise to them when I announced that I was writing the 'definitive' book on wallpaper removal. In their minds, I had set myself up for a mere 2-hour chore - at most.

After all, there already were existing links on the World Wide Web which offer Do-It-Yourselfers information on how to remove wallpaper. These sources are 'free' and they usually consist of anywhere between a single paragraph or a page or two of text with an occasional photo or picture. In addition, many home remodeling How-To books have sections on wallpaper removal. Here are two examples:

Black & Decker / The Complete Guide to Painting and Decorating (A Step by Step Manual for Painting and Decorating Your Home) at pp 70–71 with six photos and about 200 words.

Creative Homeowner Walls & Ceilings (Build•Remodel•Repair) at p 99 has four photos and about 150 words.

Q. You may ask why these sources of information for wallpaper removal feel that they can cover this subject in two pages or less and with 300 words or often far less? And indeed, that would be a sound question deserving of a logical answer.

A. 1) Consider for a moment: if it were indeed SO SIMPLE to remove wallcoverings that a mere page or two of perfunctory instructions would suffice to lead to a successful outcome -- then WHY, throughout this entire Country, is it so very difficult to find high quality wallpaper removers and WHY is this field regarded as one of the most difficult (and most avoided) jobs in construction & decorating?

2) In the examples that I've cited they are merely relaying in grossly simplistic fashion the 'concept' of wallpaper removal.

3) While in fact, the examples are merely photo props that have been 'wallpapered' just for the demo photos.

4) In essence, it is the Platonic 'Ideal' of wallpaper removal that is being shown - not the Reality.

5) These samples do not reflect your 'real' walls and your wall conditions at all - also, if you look you will see that the methods used all differ, and in fact, one of the examples literally shows someone ruining a wall for painting (if you were to follow the photo illustration as presented).

Q. So, could it be that perhaps you might wish for a more informative resource for information about a job that scares experienced contractors/decorators away? A job that is so complex to adequately describe that they do not even 'try' to do so in other than a cursory way?

A. You want to successfully and easily remove your wallcoverings - without the expense and even the risk of hiring a (perhaps ineffectual) contractor. So, to my mind the answer would be "Yes". So that is why I have undertaken the writing of this book. I want you to succeed. And I am going to give you (as much as possible)* the informational tools with which you need to succeed.

* I graciously welcome your insights that allow me to improve my book in future editions – please email suggestions to: happymichael@mac.com

P.S. I also remove wallpaper wherever YOU are, if the job is sufficiently large enough, and interesting enough, and you are nice enough and pleasant to be with... contact me: happymichael@mac.com

P.P.S. Air fare, a spare room or couch and a bit of dinner is all that is required beyond my normal fee structure. On a large job, its likely that you may even 'save' money over having an inexperienced worker who may damage your walls to the extent that they must be expensively repaired by yet 'another' contractor.



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