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Have you ever started a 'Do-It-Yourself' project and found yourself 'stuck' or feeling way out of your league, confused and frustrated, and wishing that you had never undertaken the project in the first place?

Well, don't feel alone - many of us have - just query your friends and they will likely relate sometimes humorous and sometimes scary horror stories of failed projects.

Now –– you know your friends as relatively normal, bright people. Why then, did they 'fail' at a goal that they were obviously highly motivated to achieve? Frankly, there can be many reasons –– among them might be:

1) lack of understanding of the entire scope of the project
2) lack of proper planning
3) not having the proper tools for the job at the proper time during the job
4) lack of basic information on how to accomplish the job, or perhaps...
5) lack of hands-on skills.

When one hires a professional for a manual labor type of job, she or he brings to bear all of the above needed elements when her/his truck pulls up into your driveway.

Just as you know 'how to get things done' at your office or place of employment, these people (usually) know their job well. Review in your minds' eye for a moment the myriad 'little things' about your work that you know and that would take a 'new hire' at your job months (or years) to learn. It may even be simple but critical stuff like: Bob knows how to un-jam the copier, or more crucial things such as: Sarah can get your project on her friend Janice's desk without going through Ted (who would change nearly every aspect that is useful in it and make your project look like a moron developed it).

Well, in the same way – a professional tradesperson knows the subtle 'secrets' of his/her trade.

As a 'Do-It-Yourselfer', you must first realize that ANY SKILLED TRADE IS NOT NEARLY AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS (unless you by great luck have an extremely simplistic job and everything inexplicably goes 'just right' for you). In the context of Planning for your seemingly simple, little Project -- do not count on being this lucky.

My book was written to guide you toward a successful outcome in your wallpaper removal endeavor.

While there are other internet resources as well as books which purport to serve the same purpose, I wholeheartedly believe that they are not nearly as comprehensive, nor as elucidating as my e-book (see the examples under Intro -Page 5).

Dozens of Real-World Photos of actual job conditions are included where they illustrate a concept in the text. Also, Full-Motion Videos guide you in explaining subtle details that are impossible to illustrate – even with the help of photos.

Through my e-book I strive to acquaint you with my 31 years of hands-on experience removing wallpaper.

While I cannot impart 'everything' about this trade, my 120 included photos and 8 included full-motion videos go a long way toward illustrating the 'basics' for you so that you may feel more confident in approaching your wallpaper removal project.

Please do yourself the great favor of reading completely through your e-book at least once (then review the difficult sections).

Many of us know people who are noted for being unwilling to follow directions and are equally well noted for getting themselves into trouble by not following directions.

In essence: there is the simple way and there is the hard way. I urge you to experience the Simple Way -- read my book - review areas that are confusing to you until you understand them - locate and purchase the recommended good quality tools - follow ALL preparation steps and enjoy thoroughly the experience of a new undertaking. You will be proud and pleased upon successful completion of your wallpaper removal job.

Now– think cheering thoughts about what you can do with all of the money that you will have saved in labor costs. Best wishes!

Now lets get going!




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